In Dentistry January 20, 2018

A tooth that is badly decayed can pose a variety of threats to your dental health such as affecting your ability to grind up food and causing complications such as pain and infection. If the tooth decay is too severe, our dentist may recommend that the tooth is extracted and replaced with a custom dental bridge.

Dental bridges can effectively restore the full appearance and function what were lacking in the decayed tooth. A dental bridge is comprised of one or more false teeth set between two dental crowns, which are anchored to the surrounding natural teeth in the mouth.

In order to help your smile accommodate a dental bridge, our dentist will need to form abutments from the two neighboring teeth by removing the enamel layer from these teeth and preserving the inner tooth structures. Then, we will form a detailed impression of this area and any relevant corresponding teeth in your smile before cementing temporary crowns over each abutment as protection. The impression is submitted to a dental lab so that the technicians can use it as a guide to producing the final bridge.

Our team will invite you back to Ladera Dentistry for a second visit to receive your final bridge, which is cemented onto the abutments after the temporary crowns are removed.

If you have a badly decayed tooth or have experienced tooth loss, we encourage you to call Ladera Dentistry at 949-347-7083 today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Mai X. Ly to discuss receiving a dental bridge in Ladera Ranch, California.

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